More Dumb Quotes from John Kerry

"I have heard a lot of talk about we ought to do a tax cut...If you put a tax cut into the hands of either a business or an individual today, there is no guarantee they are going to invest their the United States. They are free to go to invest anywhere they want, if they choose to invest...The fact is none of those people are guaranteed to invest that money in any of the new projects that we are. So government, yest government, has the ability to be able to make a decision the the private sector won't necessarily make today."

(Okay...I'm stuck...who is the real nitwit here? Is it Kerry? Or is it the people who voted for this stinker and would vote for him again? We've learned to expect him to be a nasty, greedy, lying,'d have to be to do the things he's marrying Teresa for her money. So maybe it's the folks who keep him in office?)
See below...(don't believe that he'd do anything for a buck? Now do you believe?)